All Are Called

I wrote a song. And instead of performing it for a few friends, or maybe a small congregation, I first performed it on a big stage, with thousands of people watching – and singing along.

How am I feeling about it? Good. The Sunday afternoon reprise went better, partly because I knew folks were going to sing along. And I’d done it once and folks liked it. But I am feeling quite good about it, and I am proud to have tapped into something necessary for our movement. And as my dear friend (and UCC minister) Micah Bucey reminded me, I’m a theopoet and need to lean into that more. I think the biggest thing was the vulnerability I felt, especially after having spent 484 days criticizing hymns – and then putting out one of my own. But as Kiya reminded me over and over, I’ve been studying songwriting my whole life.

Anyway… if you heard the song and want to use it, please know that sheet music is now available. It’s just $20 for unlimited use.  (Money should be no barrier, however; please contact me and we’ll work with you.) Click here to purchase – and to learn more about my co-writer Kiya Heartwood.

And if you use it, let me know; I’m slways curious about new arrangements and settings. (Also know that Kiya and I are going to work on some choral arrangements this fall.)


Photo credit: UU World @2018

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  1. We purchased your “All Are Called,” and the choir sang it today and loved it. We will be discussing its message next week and singing it in service. THANK YOU!

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