Announcing the Hymn by Hymn Resource Guide Project!

Finally… as promised! I’m diving into the work to turn the blog you’ve come to love into a more complete resource!

Over the next three years, every hymn in Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey will be re-examined; with the help of other colleagues (musicians, educators, and ministers) each hymn will be more deeply researched, with information about its origins, a consideration of the theology, an examination of its place in our work of liberation, and insights into the use and performance of the music. I will also continue to include personal reflections – from me and others – to broaden and deepen our spiritual experience and connection with these songs of our living tradition.

As hymns are completed on the new site – – I’ll be providing direct links on the posts here; some of the posts will be similar, but many will be quite different. Fuller, More useful.

While the original hymn blogging here was a spiritual practice and labor of love, the more thorough work being taken up cannot be sustained through love alone; this will be a main feature of my work over the next three years – additionally, other colleagues who will support the research, music, and technology must be fairly compensated. This amounts to around $600 per hymn when the hours, fees, and subscriptions are tallied up. Thus, I will be fundraising and writing grants, along with writing and researching.

And thank you. Your continued interest and use of these posts – as incomplete as they may be – is what compels me to do the more thorough work and provide a resource that benefits our faith.


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