Another Year Passed

So…today is my 46th birthday.

About 9 years ago, a friend suggested that your birthday was the perfect time to assess… to name something that was truly a success, something that you learned, and some new vision or hope you developed.


While you’d think keeping my business open and growing would be the item on the list, I think my biggest success is having actually reconnected with God. It was a long time coming… overdue, you might say… but to have regular conversations, to begin to feel a regular presence, to be open to learning how to love God… that is a success.

What I Learned

If I had to pick any one thing, it’s that I am already in ministry, and that the real question is what form it will take next. That’s surprising and humbling – but it makes me rethink what we all do; could it be true that anyone who does any work in the name of their faith is a minister? Maybe that’s what ‘shared ministry’ means…

New Vision/Hope

I seem to have a new vision for a future, that involves reaching more people with my ideas about grief, adversity, possiblities, faith, worship, deepening. I don’t know what the shape is exactly, but I know it’s tangible.

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