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“UU Wellsprings: Inspiration and Guidance for a Spiritual Journey” Really? Another freaking JOURNEY? I’m sick of being on a journey. I have wandered through the wilderness. I have seen the inhabitable terrain and exhausted myself climbing insurmountable mountains. I’m tired…so tired. So why would I go on ANOTHER journey? Which is why, I suppose, I […]

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Wellsprings – A Beacon of Hope?

Today, I attended the first retreat for the Wellsprings UU Spiritual Deepening program – a ten-month program of spiritual practice, spiritual direction, and spiritual deepening. Along with 19 other UUs in the Capital Region, we will explore together deeper questions of faith, belief, and a call to action. For me, it feels like a beacon […]

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I want to write about faith, about the way the moon rises over cold snow, night after night, faithful even as it fades from fullness, slowly becoming that last curving and impossible sliver of light before the final darkness. But I have no faith myself I refuse it even the smallest entry. Let this then, […]

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