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Notes from the Far Fringe began with my personal meanderings as I began to confront questions of faith and calling. It segued into a discernment tool, and then into a chronicle of my seminary career and formation of my Unitarian Universalist ministry.

Far Fringe now explores a variety of topics – the arts, ministry, justice, spiritual growth, and our call to love the hell out of this world. We’ll consider the art of meaning, the meaning of art, the compelling invitation of a co-creative Divine, and approach the difficult sideways.

About Me

My name is Kimberley Debus. If you think I am the person you used to know, I probably am – since I think I’m the only Kimberley Debus in the US (and possibly the world).

 I am many things at many times…

Professionally: a writer, editor, singer, actor, director, designer, muse, and minister. Having served in a congregation, I am now a community minister, working with congregations in the area of arts and worship.

Personally: a queer, cis-gendered woman who loves art, theatre, film, books, television, music.

Spiritually: a seeker, a journeyer, a radical Universalist with process tendencies, and in the true “wrestles with God” meaning, a Daughter of Israel. My home is Unitarian Universalism.

Mentally: I am a deep thinker, a minister, a chanteuse.

Professionally: I understand my ministry to be a ministry of the heart as much as a ministry of the arts – and for me it is less about being the artist and more about inspiring creation and creativity as our way to truth and right action. The experience of art is very much about following that impulse: to enter the difficult sideways through the act and experience of creation, to open our hearts to a love that is limitless and unimaginably good, to leap boldly into possibility.

It is not an uncomplicated call, and each day I explore what it means to breathe into and step forward into a complicated call of the arts and the heart in a complicated world. I don’t know all the answers, but I do know that it is full of color and movement, sound and excitement, chaos and stillness, truth and beauty, awe and wonder, friendship and love.

To learn more about my professional ministry, please visit The Art of Meaning.

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Learn more about my ministry at The Art of Meaning

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