Talkin’ bout Your Generation: Tweet Chat

Join me (with my lovely colleague Naomi King) on Wednesday, August 10 at 8pm EDT for a tweetchat on Generations in the Church!

Use the hashtag #genchurch to follow. I recommending using to isolate and better follow the chat.

IMPORTANT: When you are chatting, please do BOTH of the following:

  1. Use #genchurch in your tweet so it is part of the TweetChat.
  2. Identify your generation by initial:
  • GI Generation – GI
  • Silent – S
  • Boomer – B
  • GenX – X
  • Millennial – M

Some background you’ll find helpful:

For the purposes of this chat, we’ll be using the Strauss & Howe/Eeman delineations for generations. Keep this chart handy for reference during the chat:

Name of Current GenerationGenerational TypeCurrent Ages (born between)
GICivic86+ (1901-1925)
SilentAdaptive69-85 (1925-1942)
BoomerIdealist51-68 (1943-1960)
GenXNomad29-50 (1961-1982)
MillennialCivic7-28 (1983-2004)
Homeland (?)Adaptiveup to age 6 (2005-2026?)

 Some of the questions I’ll be asking:

  • How do you view God/the Divine/Creator/Spirit?
  • How do you view the role of the church?
  • Did you grow up in a UU congregation, another denomination, or none?
  • What do you think we’re getting right for your generation?
  • What do you think we’re getting wrong/missing for your generation?

Some ground rules:

  • Please be kind! Generational differences can be amplified when we’re talking about generational differences.
  • Please stay on topic – jokes and related topics are okay, and are part of the ebb and flow of a conversation, but let’s keep it to Generations in the Church.
  • Please indicate irony, snark, rhetorical questions… sadly, we still don’t have emotive fonts!
  • Please remember these are public conversations.

If you have any questions before the chat, please feel free to drop me an email/comment/tweet!

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