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Looking for a hymn with a particular character? Click on one of the tags in the list on the sidebar.

I have created several categories of tags, based on my experience and opinion of the hymn:

  • Singability – how easy is it to pick up/familiar, all the way up to having a choir or soloist do this one
  • Mood – from sad to joyful and everything in between. This includes some tempo, as well.
  • Range – is it a low song to sing, does it sit in the middle of a typical range, or does it have a lot of high notes (Low: sits below high C; Moderate: goes up to a D once or twice; High: has long phrases pitched over high C or goes to high E or above)
  • Instruments – some hymns may be better sung with certain kinds of accompaniment to get the most out of them
  • Holy Days – songs meant for particular religious days
  • Liturgical – not necessarily religious holy days but definitely important days in the church year; some are UU-specific, some are connected to secular holidays. I’ve also added into this tag category some topics, like Justice, because some quite useful hymns are hidden in unsuspecting sections.
  • Transitions – songs great for typical and atypical rites of passage for individuals and communities
  • Genre – used to indicate songs that are specifically rounds, introits, doxologies, etc.
  • Content Warning – there may be problematic language around gender, sexuality, ability, class, empire, or other issues around theology, changes in meaning, or in some cases, a problematic tune. Please read the post to see what I’ve seen – you may agree or disagree, but I’d rather flag than not.
  • Use With Care – these songs come from traditions that are not the dominant UU (read: white) culture; context should be offered in the service to avoid misappropriation
  • Tune Recording Available –  you can hear the tune (although not always our lyrics) on one of several sites: Small Church Music, Hymnary, Cyber Hymnal, or of course YouTube
  • Hidden Gems – exactly that as you expect; these are hymns I can’t believe I didn’t know already and think are quite special
  • Kimberley’s Nope List – there are some hymns I just don’t like at all and will never use – for any number of reasons. Your Mileage May Vary.
  • Personal Favorite – and then there are some hymns that I love with every fiber of my being. You may too.

Please note that the tags are based on my own opinions and experiences of the hymns.

And of course, let me know if you want additional tags, such as principles or theologies, or if you think I’ve erred.