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  • Impact versus Intention

    Impact versus Intention

    Cross-posted at Hold My Chalice A couple of years ago, I led a retreat for religious professionals that was intended to make some space for our souls and learn some creative habits for our work. My initial title, and the one I started marketing with used the word “mojo.” Now that seems innocent enough, and… Continue reading

  • Hymn by Hymn: Al Fine

    Hymn by Hymn: Al Fine

    Well, here we are. A total of 490 hymns over 484 days. Yowza. When I started this spiritual practice, I knew I could finish if I found a way to hold myself accountable. Blogging, and sharing the blog on social media, was my accountability. And wow, what an experience. First of all, I can now… Continue reading

  • Hymn By Hymn Extra: Singing For Our Lives

    Hymn By Hymn Extra: Singing For Our Lives

    I have to begin by saying that I had a lot of amazing moments yesterday in my “Great Proctors Adventure.” Proctors in Schenectady is an incredible and creatively generous arts space that brings in national tours, features music, lectures, movies, comedy, and offers space to a variety of organizations. All while being one of the… Continue reading

  • Hymn by Hymn Extra: Spirituals in White Spaces

    I’m sorry to say I didn’t know this video from May existed until today, but in this amazing piece, First Portland’s music director, DeReau Farrar offers powerful testimony about what it means to sing spirituals in white spaces. There is no embed code, so please click on this link to watch this video. We have… Continue reading

  • Hymn by Hymn Extra: Talking Easter with Michael Tino

    Hymn by Hymn Extra: Talking Easter with Michael Tino

    Rev. Michael Tino joins me for a discussion of our Easter hymns and why most of them badly conflate Resurrection and Spring. We also issue a challenge to our UU Musicians – because WE WANT MORE EASTER HYMNS! Continue reading

  • The First Fifty: A Meta Post

    The First Fifty: A Meta Post

    I just wrote my 51st entry in this crazy Hymn by Hymn thing, and there are actually people reading it. Whodathunkit? I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the practice itself, having gotten into it and into the habit. This kind of reflection – processing the process – is common in UU Wellspring… Continue reading

  • Hymn By Hymn: Introduction

    Hymn By Hymn: Introduction

    Why this, why now? I realized that I feel most connected to myself when I take up a special project as a spiritual practice – something with a particular scope and time limit. I’ve previously spent a year studying a particular pantheon, or spiritual path, or in the case of my 50th year, the project… Continue reading

  • “It Is Well With My Soul” Revised Lyrics

    “It Is Well With My Soul” Revised Lyrics

    A conversation on Twitter just reminded me of the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”… and I remembered that I rewrote the lyrics a couple of years ago. We had held a “check your theology at the door” hymn sing at the church, and we had a blast singing “Just As I Am” and… Continue reading

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