Prayers and Meditations

  • Simply Pray

    Simply Pray

    Click to listen here (as delivered in Nantucket on March 18, 2018) Let us pray. Now… some of you instantly bowed your head a bit, maybe you closed your eyes. Perhaps you took in a deep breath as you waited to hear how I started the prayer and to whom I addressed it. Others of… Continue reading

  • A Prayer for the End of the Year

    A Prayer for the End of the Year

    Holy and Sacred Source of All, We are tired. Teachers and classroom aides and principals are tired from a 10-month marathon, helping young minds prepare for what’s next….and the young minds being prepared are tired, too, of cramming so much knowledge into so seemingly small a space. Clergy and lay leaders are tired from a similar… Continue reading

  • Remembrances on Maundy Thursday

    Remembrances on Maundy Thursday

    “Take this bread, broken as my body is broken…eat this, in remembrance of me…” Eat this, in remembrance of Jesus, a teacher, a pastor, a radical, a beloved son whose body was broken by a system that could not bear his truths. Eat this, in remembrance of Sharon, the coworker whose body was broken one… Continue reading

  • Dangerous Prayers

    Deliver us, O Truth, O Love, from quiet prayer from polite and politically correct language, from appropriate gesture and form and whatever else we think we must put forth to invoke or to praise You. Let us instead pray dangerously – wantonly, lustily, passionately. Let us demand with every ounce of our strength, let us… Continue reading

  • I didn’t know what to say then.

    I didn’t know what to say then.

    This is a post I should have written a month ago, when Rev. Jennifer Slade took her life – a beautiful, brilliant, humanity-affirming life. Her death was shocking and jarring. But I didn’t write then, perhaps because while she was a colleague, I didn’t know her personally and didn’t know how to parse it. I didn’t know… Continue reading

  • Thankful.


    Today, on this national day of Thanksgiving, I am especially thankful for Happy Thanksgiving, one and all. Continue reading

  • Reflections on September 11

    Reflections on September 11

    The following remarks were delivered at the Time of Remembrance and Renewal at the Round Lake Auditorium on the evening of September 11, 2011. We gather here today, in our community, among friends and neighbors, to mark perhaps the most momentous event in our collective memory. We gather to remember those who lost their lives, to remember… Continue reading

  • Awesome


    Oh Creator God, I live in a state of awe. I am in awe of the new friends I have met, who have such wisdom and insight to share. I am in awe of the technology that allows me to connect to these new friends – to find people all over the world who have a… Continue reading

  • Getting to the Yes: More Text and Audio Version

    Getting to the Yes: More Text and Audio Version

    One of the limits of WordPress, I have discovered, is that it hates too many iframes, and thus is unwieldy to edit. So I’ve instead put up this followup post… it includes a link to the audio from August 21, as well as the words of Rev. Linda Hoddy’s blessing. The audio – click here… Continue reading

  • It Is Well With My Soul

    It Is Well With My Soul

    A conversation on Twitter just reminded me of the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul”… and I remembered that I rewrote the lyrics a couple of years ago. We had held a “check your theology at the door” hymn sing at the church, and we had a blast singing “Just As I Am” and… Continue reading

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