Hold My Chalice: New Series

It’s been a minute since I last wrote in earnest – between the pandemic and the ramping up of my successful entrepreneurial ministry, I’ve not had a lot of time to just write. Enter sabbatical. Beginning November 1, I’ll be on a four-month sabbatical. There will, of course, be time for rest and rejuvenation. I …


Hymn by Hymn delay

Friends, it’ll be late this afternoon before I am able to post; I had to hit the road early to arrive at the Unitarian Fellowship of Northern Westchester, and singing today’s doxology before I left just wasn’t in the cards.  Stay tuned! 

Kindness over Niceness

A casual conversation with UU World editor Kenny Wiley led to my saying “I need to write about this” and Kenny saying “do it and I’ll see if we can publish it.” So I did, and he did, and now it’s been published online and in print. Read it here.

Big Day.

Seven years ago, I was trying to figure out what direction I was headed in, trying to hear God’s voice, trying to figure out what was actually next for me. I look back at those posts from 2010, and I see a younger me trying to let the process unfold as it should. At every …


The First Fifty: A Meta Post

I just wrote my 51st entry in this crazy Hymn by Hymn thing, and there are actually people reading it. Whodathunkit? I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the practice itself, having gotten into it and into the habit. This kind of reflection – processing the process – is common in UU Wellspring …


Hymn By Hymn: Introduction

Why this, why now? I realized that I feel most connected to myself when I take up a special project as a spiritual practice – something with a particular scope and time limit. I’ve previously spent a year studying a particular pantheon, or spiritual path, or in the case of my 50th year, the project …


What I Missed Yesterday

If you read yesterday’s blog post, you might think I am too much of a pessimist, that I can’t celebrate victories without bringing everyone down.  I guess that is what I did; I have been long cognizant of the “middle class white” nature of the marriage equality fight, and I let the bigger picture take …



There is so much.. too much, really. Too much bad news, too much good news. Too much stimulation. Too many articles to read. Too many new ideas. Too much movement to respond to. Too much death. Too much hypocrisy. Too much change. Too much…too much… And yet as intelligent, thoughtful, awake people, we are called …


How Have We Failed Them?

Ever since the shootings in Santa Barbara, California that sparked the powerful hashtag #YesAllWomen, I’ve been paying more attention to the so-called men’s rights movement; men who follow this perspective believe we are actually in a matriarchal society, that women have significant control over men, and that women should abdicate authority – particularly when it …


Confessions of a Usually Sexual Being

For much of my adult life, I’ve been a consciously sexual being. I recognize in myself an enjoyment of the human body – mine and others – and have had a number of satisfying (and a few unsatisfying) sexual relationships. I love that part of our being human that makes us both sexual and aware of our sexuality. …