• Hymn By Hymn Extra: Singing For Our Lives

    Hymn By Hymn Extra: Singing For Our Lives

    I have to begin by saying that I had a lot of amazing moments yesterday in my “Great Proctors Adventure.” Proctors in Schenectady is an incredible and creatively generous arts space that brings in national tours, features music, lectures, movies, comedy, and offers space to a variety of organizations. All while being one of the… Continue reading

  • Reclaiming My Time

    Reclaiming My Time

    Note: An earlier version of this sermon was delivered in Mt Kisco, NY, on October 8, 2018. Shortly after that service, accusations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein and others spawned the #metoo movement, and the sermon had to be rewritten to address the new awareness. Listen to this new version, as delivered in Nantucket… Continue reading

  • Big Day.

    Big Day.

    Seven years ago, I was trying to figure out what direction I was headed in, trying to hear God’s voice, trying to figure out what was actually next for me. I look back at those posts from 2010, and I see a younger me trying to let the process unfold as it should. At every… Continue reading

  • Matching our Insides and our Outsides

    Matching our Insides and our Outsides

    A colleague of mine – a strong, brilliant, creative woman – recently took to Facebook to note the amazing experience of putting good energy out to get good energy back. In her post, she warned those inclined to mansplain the experience not to try to convince her she was wrong, because she believed in this energetic relationship… Continue reading

  • How Have We Failed Them?

    How Have We Failed Them?

    Ever since the shootings in Santa Barbara, California that sparked the powerful hashtag #YesAllWomen, I’ve been paying more attention to the so-called men’s rights movement; men who follow this perspective believe we are actually in a matriarchal society, that women have significant control over men, and that women should abdicate authority – particularly when it… Continue reading

  • Bi the Way

    Bi the Way

    I have never been comfortable with the word “bisexual.” As a young queer woman in Durham, North Carolina, in the 80s and 90s, our community was very clear that we would use the acronym LGBT, but we would struggle with the T (a subject for another day), and we would not believe the B. I… Continue reading

  • What Am I Afraid Of: The Universe Responds

    What Am I Afraid Of: The Universe Responds

    So… then there was that time I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and saw this: Running after “slaying a dragon,” at all costs, with no relationship to your divine or to the other human beings in the world, will never generate joy . A Hero’s Journey doesn’t suit us. It’s just not going to work.… Continue reading

  • What Am I Afraid Of?

    What Am I Afraid Of?

    I don’t understand it. I am an extrovert and love to process ideas, emotions, and experiences with people. I hold strong opinions about equality, justice, compassion, and ethics. I am willing to be in a crowd of people rallying for causes, to sign a petition, to write letters, to even blog a bit about things… Continue reading

  • Fallout and Pushback

    Fallout and Pushback

    The look on Kevin’s face said it all. Kevin (not his real name) and his girlfriend Joann (not her real name either) had joined me for lunch, and the discussion found its way to the shooting in California, #NotAllMen, #YesAllWomen, and the subsequent conversations that have erupted this week. Kevin, one of the most gentle and… Continue reading

  • Yes. All women.

    Yes. All women.

    A friend and I were sitting on a bench on a busy street one evening, eating ice cream, laughing and enjoying the people watching. The bench was elevated, and my friend’s sandaled foot was at chest-level to the people walking past. Suddenly, a young man – clearly drunk, clearly college-aged – grabbed at her foot… Continue reading

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