• A Mother’s Day for All of Us

    A Mother’s Day for All of Us

    Unitarian Universalists are great spin doctors. What I mean is that Unitarian Universalists are very good at redeeming holidays and holy days. On Christmas, religious educator Sophia Lyon Fahs reminds us that “each night a child is born is a holy night.” Easter becomes not just a celebration of Christ’s resurrection, but of the resurrection… Continue reading

  • Inspired by Brigid

    Inspired by Brigid

    There is a moment In every undertaking There is a moment When everything is still… too still. There is a moment When nothing, nothing, NOTHING comes… When the mind is frozen. It is a scary moment It is a frustrating moment It is a moment where you doubt every part of yourself Why can’t I… Continue reading

  • O Pioneers? Thoughts on Women and Theology

    O Pioneers? Thoughts on Women and Theology

    A few weeks ago,  I attended a Women at Union dinner in the home of Dean Mary Boys; during the evening, 15 smart, capable, and energetic women shared stories and raised questions about bringing the lessons we learn at Union about creating community, asking hard questions, and general ideas about liberal theology back into the… Continue reading

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