• Big Day.

    Big Day.

    Seven years ago, I was trying to figure out what direction I was headed in, trying to hear God’s voice, trying to figure out what was actually next for me. I look back at those posts from 2010, and I see a younger me trying to let the process unfold as it should. At every… Continue reading

  • The Next Big Thing

    The Next Big Thing

    There are those who know right from the start what their path in life is meant to be. And there are those, like me, who have tried a number of different paths, some successful until they weren’t, some interrupted by crisis or tragedy or failure. I personally got to the point where I stopped thinking… Continue reading

  • Remembrances on Maundy Thursday

    Remembrances on Maundy Thursday

    “Take this bread, broken as my body is broken…eat this, in remembrance of me…” Eat this, in remembrance of Jesus, a teacher, a pastor, a radical, a beloved son whose body was broken by a system that could not bear his truths. Eat this, in remembrance of Sharon, the coworker whose body was broken one… Continue reading

  • Can I Get a Witness?

    Can I Get a Witness?

    You never know what a casual, off-handed comment will lead to. Three times on Saturday, I made a casual comment about who I am, where I work, and what I do, and three times, I found myself sharing the good news of Unitarian Universalism. The first was outside our congregation’s yard sale. I must have… Continue reading

  • Considering the Bucket List

    Considering the Bucket List

    Last Monday at our weekly Theology on Tap gathering, we discussed death. Cheery topic, I know, but we had a wonderful conversation about funerals, memorial services, preparing wills and other documents, and how we perceive our own impending deaths. Someone mentioned the idea of living each day as if it were your last, and another considered… Continue reading

  • What Am I Afraid Of: The Universe Responds

    What Am I Afraid Of: The Universe Responds

    So… then there was that time I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and saw this: Running after “slaying a dragon,” at all costs, with no relationship to your divine or to the other human beings in the world, will never generate joy . A Hero’s Journey doesn’t suit us. It’s just not going to work.… Continue reading

  • Manifestation


    When I first formed Word Alchemy five years ago, it was with an eye to being able to work anywhere in the world. While I was comfortable in upstate New York, I quickly set my sights on working on a tropical island, and I would joke about working “the Nassau Way”… complete with wifi and… Continue reading

  • Candidacy!


    Holy cow, y’all, I am a candidate for ministry in the Unitarian Universalist Association! Feeling proud and excited. I still have a long way to go, but I have crossed a major hurdle in the process. Continue reading

  • Trusting Myself

    Trusting Myself

    Many years ago, I worked with an intuitive woman named Coral, who was part astrologer, part therapist, part mirror. For the years we worked together, she held a mirror up for me to see parts of myself I couldn’t see, and couldn’t trust. Part of what made Coral so valuable was her unquestioning trust in… Continue reading

  • Participating in the Universe

    Participating in the Universe

    After the service Sunday, we had a small group conversation – what some congregations call a talkback but which Saratoga calls “church chat.” It was a lively discussion about the series of sermons I just wrapped up on God – over three weeks, I talked about the transcendent, the immanent, and the creating-creator aspects of the Divine… Continue reading

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