Discernment Featured Our Living Tradition

Meeting Our Yearning for Unalloyed Joy

Today, I read an essay by Aurelia Isabel Henry Reinhardt entitled “Worship: Its Fundamental Place in Liberal Religion.” Reinhardt explores briefly the history of worship with an eye to what we have inherited; that we have always sought public religion to unify us “in the common search for the Ultimate Good” and that we aren’t […]

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Discernment Featured Musings Stepping Stones

God’s Table

Every Monday thru Thursday at noon, Union Theological Seminary holds a chapel service – they vary wildly, with many different speakers, themes, styles, music. Thursdays always incorporate communion, however, although the flavor and presentation changes each week. The first communion chapel I attended two weeks ago was uncomfortable for me. As I have talked about […]

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Discernment Featured Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones: Orientation Overload

Union has welcomed us, the 175th class to enter this seminary, with the theme of Stepping Stones. It is certainly fitting, as we’re all on a journey… wading into sometimes unfamiliar waters, not quite sure where we’re going to put our feet next. The Dean of Academic Affairs, Daisy Machado, talked to us about the story […]

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Answers Discernment Featured Prayers and Meditations

Getting to the Yes: More Text and Audio Version

One of the limits of WordPress, I have discovered, is that it hates too many iframes, and thus is unwieldy to edit. So I’ve instead put up this followup post… it includes a link to the audio from August 21, as well as the words of Rev. Linda Hoddy’s blessing. The audio – click here […]

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Discernment Sermons

Giving Ourselves a Break

I recently overheard one of my fellow congregants in Saratoga Springs complaining that with all the Priuses in the parking lot, we were creating smug pollution. I mention this, because while by our very nature, we Unitarian Universalists generally avoid the “holier than thou” trap, we are terribly “good.” We are constantly fighting for justice. […]

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Discernment Musings Personal Wellsprings

Wellsprings – A Beacon of Hope?

Today, I attended the first retreat for the Wellsprings UU Spiritual Deepening program – a ten-month program of spiritual practice, spiritual direction, and spiritual deepening. Along with 19 other UUs in the Capital Region, we will explore together deeper questions of faith, belief, and a call to action. For me, it feels like a beacon […]

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