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General Assembly: A People on the Move

I attended General Assembly in Louisville last week, and I’m still high off the buzz. (Those who follow me on Twitter or are Facebook friends got quite an eyeful, as I joined many of my fellow attendees live-blogging our experiences.) In a nutshell, it is a transformative experience; I was an offsite delegate two years […]

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“UU Wellsprings: Inspiration and Guidance for a Spiritual Journey” Really? Another freaking JOURNEY? I’m sick of being on a journey. I have wandered through the wilderness. I have seen the inhabitable terrain and exhausted myself climbing insurmountable mountains. I’m tired…so tired. So why would I go on ANOTHER journey? Which is why, I suppose, I […]

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Discernment Musings Personal Wellsprings

Wellsprings – A Beacon of Hope?

Today, I attended the first retreat for the Wellsprings UU Spiritual Deepening program – a ten-month program of spiritual practice, spiritual direction, and spiritual deepening. Along with 19 other UUs in the Capital Region, we will explore together deeper questions of faith, belief, and a call to action. For me, it feels like a beacon […]

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