A Reflection of Me

If you have ever visited this site, you will notice the design is radically different. Startlingly so, I suspect.

Yet it is more me than the last iteration (FarFringe 2.0), despite all of my wanting the light loops and soft flowery colors to be me. As a reminder, here’s what the old header looked like:


Before that, I had a much bolder, more colorful header, on the original FarFringe – a design that remained untouched for nearly 4 years:


I loved the delicate nature of FarFringe 2.0, much as I like ruffles and lace and pastels. They are beautiful and elegant, something for me to look upon with a little longing. Yet every time I try to incorporate them into my own style, they feel awkward and uncomfortable.

The truth is, I am bold and colorful. I am most comfortable in clean, classic cuts – A-line skirts, blouses with clean lines, strong colors. While my home tends toward Early American, clean lines and strong colors still feature prominently. So why should my website be anything less?

My website is a reflection of me – maybe the most modern reflection of me – but still a reflection of me.  FarFringe 3.0 is boldly colored, with clean lines, and an inviting design. Leave the ruffles, lace, and pastels for someone else.

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