STLT#86, Blessed Spirit of My Life

Now this one really is a prayer.

In fact, Jacqui James points out in Between the Lines that the incredible Shelley Denham wrote this as a prayer. And called the tune Prayer.

And wow, what a prayer. It is gentle to self even as it calls for strength. It is a quiet prayer of preparation, of focus and stillness. This is the song we should be singing every morning, not just an occasional Sunday or a random Wednesday. I don’t have a lot to say because it already says so much – it is beautifully crafted and beautiful to sing and carries our prayer on its gentle melody.

Blessed Spirit of my life, give me strength through stress and strife;
help me live with dignity; let me know serenity.
Fill me with a vision, clear my mind of fear and confusion.
When my thoughts flow restlessly, let peace find a home in me.

Spirit of great mystery, hear the still, small voice in me.
Help me live my wordless creed as I comfort those in need.
Fill me with compassion, be the source of my intuition.
Then, when life is done for me, let love be my legacy.


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