STLT#112, Do You Hear?

It is two days after the incredible Women’s March – one day after many ministers, including me, took to the pulpit to talk about our faith’s all to resist and rejoice, to do what’s next.

And what is so very clear is that the people at and supporting the Women’s March, and the folks sitting in the pews all understood is that this was just the start. This was the kick off for the action we are called to. But if anything, the March set the tone – it told us we are not alone, that resistance may be fueled by fear and anger, but that it can be joyful, and funny, and kind, and creative – and that it should be. It must be.

This hymn reminds us of that – “do you hear, do you hear? All the dreams, all the dares, all the sighs, all the prayers – they are yours, mine, and theirs” … wow. This is not your rugged individuality calling, this is the sound of all of us, calling to our hearts and souls, calling us to attend, calling us to resist and rejoice.

Do you hear, oh my friend, in the place where you stand,
through the sky, through the land, do you hear, do you hear?
In the heights, on the plain, in the vale, on the main,
in the sun, in the rain, do you hear, do you hear?

Through the roar, through the rush, through the throng,
through the crush, do you hear in the hush of your soul, of your soul?
Hear the cry fear won’t still, hear the heart’s call to will,
hear a sigh’s startling trill in your soul, in your soul?

From the place where you stand to the outermost strand,
do you hear, oh my friend, do you hear, do you hear?
All the dreams, all the dares, all the sighs, all the prayers —
they are yours, mine, and theirs — do you hear, do you hear?

The lyrics are by religious educator Emily Thorn, set to one of my favorite tunes from the shape note collections (Southern Harmony, Union Harmony, Northern Harmony, etc.), Foundation. It’s easy to sing, and a bit sing-songy, but it carries that same sort of deep, true call to our hearts that Abigail Washburn talks about in the On Being podcast I reference here. There is something true about the music, the lyrics, the call  – something that lands for me and makes my entire being simply want to answer “Yes.”

Do you hear? Because if ever there was a time, this is the time to open up your heart and hear.

This is the  time to reengage with what matters, what our faith calls us to.

This is the time for strong words and rebellious thoughts and bold, beautiful, creative acts of resistance.

This is the time to be mad as hell and not want to take it anymore.

This is the time to be the people we have been waiting for.

This is the time to figure out what you will do to help resist hate and fear and discrimination and violence.

This is the time for courage, even a drop or two as we make our way in this uncertain world.

This is the time for heroes – and so we must reach for the stars.

It’s time. Do you hear?

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