STLT#133, One World

Dear readers, I’m afraid I will, for the first time in this practice, completely fail you. I am on the verge of illness and I don’t know this one at all – and my feeble attempts to plunk it out on my phone’s keyboard was futile.

I may come back to this one when I feel more focused – maybe you have some opinions you can share in comments here or Facebook that I can incorporate into a fuller exploration.

All I can say right now is that nothing about this captured or inspired me or enraged me. It was just too much today. I apologize.

One world this, for all its sorrow;
one world shaping one tomorrow;
one humanity, though riven, we,
to whom a world is given.
From one world there is no turning;
for one world the prophet’s yearning.
One, the world of poets, sages;
one world, goal of all the ages.

World so eagerly expected,
world so recklessly rejected,
one, as common folk have willed it,
one, as covenants can build it:
world of friendly ways and faces,
cherished arts and honored races,
one world, free in word and science;
people free, its firm reliance.

“Honored races” tho….? Yeah, that caught my eye as I scrolled down. Hmm….

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