About this Blog

Notes from the Far Fringe began with my personal meanderings as I began to confront questions of faith and calling. It segued into a discernment tool, and then into a chronicle of my seminary career and formation of my Unitarian Universalist ministry.

Far Fringe now explores a variety of topics – the arts, ministry, justice, spiritual growth, and our call to love the hell out of this world. We’ll consider the art of meaning, the meaning of art, the compelling invitation of a co-creative Divine, and approach the difficult sideways.


About Me

KDebus 7-2014My name is Kimberley Debus. If you think I am the person you used to know, I probably am – since I think I’m the only Kimberley Debus in the US (and possibly the world).

 I am many things at many times…

Professionally: a writer, editor, singer, actor, director, designer, muse, and minister – beginning August 1, 2015, I will serve First Universalist Church of Southold as its half-time contract minister, and will serve the Church of the Larger Fellowship as Fellow for Aesthetic Ministries.

Personally: a woman, a lover, a Rubenesque beauty who loves art, theatre, film, books, television, music.

Spiritually: a seeker, a journeyer, a radical Universalist with process tendencies, and in the true “wrestles with God” meaning, a Daughter of Israel. My home is Unitarian Universalism.

Mentally: I am a deep thinker, a minister, a chanteuse.

I want to be heard, I want to make an impact, I want to be a comfort, I want to be an inspiration, I want to help others, and I want to feel at home. But mostly, I want to help others hear the voice of the Divine and live their lives fully and creatively.

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