STLT#382, De Todos Bajo el Gran Sol

As I mentioned yesterday, the English version of this lyric is a mashup of Luke 2;14 and an Isaac Watts hymn.  I take it on faith that the translation here is good – my go-to on Spanish is currently out of the country, so please, someone, let me know if it’s more or less the same as 381.

De todos bajo el gran sol
surja esperanza, fe, amor
verdad, y belleza cantando,
de cada tierra, cada voz.

I’m not sure I have anything to add, as this is a translation of yesterday’s text.

Except to say it’s beautiful in Spanish, and that I should work toward being more adept at the Spanish language.

One response to “STLT#382, De Todos Bajo el Gran Sol”

  1. More or less, yes.

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