• Bi the Way

    Bi the Way

    I have never been comfortable with the word “bisexual.” As a young queer woman in Durham, North Carolina, in the 80s and 90s, our community was very clear that we would use the acronym LGBT, but we would struggle with the T (a subject for another day), and we would not believe the B. I… Continue reading

  • Out of Phase

    Out of Phase

    This past Sunday, Unitarian Universalist congregations all over the country celebrated Ingathering/Homecoming. It’s a old tradition from when our elite Boston forebears closed their doors for the summer in favor of cottages on the Cape. But while almost all of our congregations are year round now, we still take the time to welcome everyone back… Continue reading

  • An Auspicious Beginning

    An Auspicious Beginning

    Some people start their ministerial internships writing learning agreements, figuring out the copier and the coffee maker, and meeting absolutely everyone. Others start their ministerial internships writing generic wedding ceremonies in case the courts allow same-sex couples to marry and speaking to the press at a rally on the courthouse steps. That mine began with… Continue reading

  • What Am I Afraid Of?

    What Am I Afraid Of?

    I don’t understand it. I am an extrovert and love to process ideas, emotions, and experiences with people. I hold strong opinions about equality, justice, compassion, and ethics. I am willing to be in a crowd of people rallying for causes, to sign a petition, to write letters, to even blog a bit about things… Continue reading

  • Out of the Loop

    Out of the Loop

    On Sunday morning, someone in one of my Facebook groups exclaimed the awesomeness of “so many pics of red shoes” in her newsfeed. I then looked through mine; no red shoes and no other mention of them. So I went back to the group and asked what it was about, and I got a one-word response:… Continue reading

  • Fallout and Pushback

    Fallout and Pushback

    The look on Kevin’s face said it all. Kevin (not his real name) and his girlfriend Joann (not her real name either) had joined me for lunch, and the discussion found its way to the shooting in California, #NotAllMen, #YesAllWomen, and the subsequent conversations that have erupted this week. Kevin, one of the most gentle and… Continue reading

  • Not a Mama

    Not a Mama

    I am not a mother. I have no children, either those I have born or those I have adopted or fostered. I don’t have any spiritual or emotional children either. There is no one in my life who calls me Mom for any reason. That is by choice. I can tell you the two times… Continue reading

  • Pressing Concerns

    Pressing Concerns

    The building of my home congregation is wedged between three worlds: a funeral home, where people bring their grief and mourning; an old home subdivided into a surprising number of small, crowded, but affordable apartments for those who make little in the tourist industry; and an extraordinarily large, recently constructed stone mansion, complete with gatehouse… Continue reading

  • LGBT Rights & the Theology of Progress

    LGBT Rights & the Theology of Progress

    A quick note today: At the Union Forum, I shared some thoughts on the quickly changing perspectives on LGBTQ issues… Enjoy! Continue reading

  • 30 Days of Love Blog-a-thon: Sharing the Love

    30 Days of Love Blog-a-thon: Sharing the Love

    Today begins Thirty Days of Love – a month of reflection and action centered around the idea that love is the ultimate guiding force. Across the denomination, people are meeting, learning, reflecting, and doing, guided by our Standing on the Side of Love campaign. Some of us are also writing. About a month ago, the… Continue reading

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