• What Am I Afraid Of: The Universe Responds

    What Am I Afraid Of: The Universe Responds

    So… then there was that time I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed and saw this: Running after “slaying a dragon,” at all costs, with no relationship to your divine or to the other human beings in the world, will never generate joy . A Hero’s Journey doesn’t suit us. It’s just not going to work.… Continue reading

  • Yes. All women.

    Yes. All women.

    A friend and I were sitting on a bench on a busy street one evening, eating ice cream, laughing and enjoying the people watching. The bench was elevated, and my friend’s sandaled foot was at chest-level to the people walking past. Suddenly, a young man – clearly drunk, clearly college-aged – grabbed at her foot… Continue reading

  • I have mastered divinity.

    I have mastered divinity.

    And I’ll get the papers to prove it on May 16th. Continue reading

  • Not a Mama

    Not a Mama

    I am not a mother. I have no children, either those I have born or those I have adopted or fostered. I don’t have any spiritual or emotional children either. There is no one in my life who calls me Mom for any reason. That is by choice. I can tell you the two times… Continue reading

  • Making Meaning

    Making Meaning

    I love words. I love their power to evoke emotions, actions, ideas, images. I love how a carefully crafted phrase can roll gracefully and deliciously like a warm cinnamon bun, or jar us like an unexpectedly bitter orange. And more, I love that as Unitarian Universalists, we delight in words, and all that they can… Continue reading

  • Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes

    Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand, Six Hundred Minutes

    Here are my bold predictions for 2014: A popular celebrity will die unexpectedly; another will cause a scandal; a third will come out (to the shock of some and to a “duh” to others); the midterm elections will “send a message”; a weather event will cause deaths; so will gun violence; a well-known fundamentalist will blame… Continue reading

  • O Pioneers? Thoughts on Women and Theology

    O Pioneers? Thoughts on Women and Theology

    A few weeks ago,  I attended a Women at Union dinner in the home of Dean Mary Boys; during the evening, 15 smart, capable, and energetic women shared stories and raised questions about bringing the lessons we learn at Union about creating community, asking hard questions, and general ideas about liberal theology back into the… Continue reading

  • Manifestation


    When I first formed Word Alchemy five years ago, it was with an eye to being able to work anywhere in the world. While I was comfortable in upstate New York, I quickly set my sights on working on a tropical island, and I would joke about working “the Nassau Way”… complete with wifi and… Continue reading

  • Candidacy!


    Holy cow, y’all, I am a candidate for ministry in the Unitarian Universalist Association! Feeling proud and excited. I still have a long way to go, but I have crossed a major hurdle in the process. Continue reading

  • Tumbling into my Year of Jubilee

    Tumbling into my Year of Jubilee

    As I entered my 50th year on this planet, I realized that it is my Year of Jubilee; it is certainly going to be an exciting year; I have several major creative projects coming up, will receive my M Div, will start an internship, and who knows what else? So many possibilities are on the horizon. I… Continue reading

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