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  • Meeting Our Yearning for Unalloyed Joy

    Meeting Our Yearning for Unalloyed Joy

    Today, I read an essay by Aurelia Isabel Henry Reinhardt entitled “Worship: Its Fundamental Place in Liberal Religion.” Reinhardt explores briefly the history of worship with an eye to what we have inherited; that we have always sought public religion to unify us “in the common search for the Ultimate Good” and that we aren’t… Continue reading

  • Subversive Intuitions and Generational Personalities

    Subversive Intuitions and Generational Personalities

    Among the more striking characteristics of generational theory is the particular personalities of the four generational types; as Strauss &Howe explain, the cycle of historical events, parenting styles, and cultural shifts lead to a cycle of general generational traits. Of course, each person is different, and each specific generation is different, but there are patterns… Continue reading

  • Death and Glory

    Death and Glory

    I learned this week that I am a radical Universalist. I credit David Bumbaugh for this. In his book Unitarian Universalism: A Narrative History, Bumbaugh spends 20 pages outlining the beginnings of the Universalist church in America, from deBenneville’s sermons preached across Pennsylvania; to the founding of the first Univeralist church by Murray in Gloucester,… Continue reading

  • The Challenge of Free Thought

    The Challenge of Free Thought

    I’ve spent the better part of the last two days puzzling over Theodore Parker’s “The Transient and Permanent in Christianity”… and I honestly have no idea what to make of it. I am with Parker when he talks about the permanent being truth, which he identifies as finding in God and Jesus. I see what… Continue reading

  • History in Context

    History in Context

    This week, in our UU polity/history course (taught by the marvelous Rosemary Bray McNatt), we looked at our history, in particular our European roots. This stuff is important, because context matters. It matters that theologians, ministers, and other thinkers – in different times and places – questioned the validity of the doctrine of the trinity.… Continue reading

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