• Approaching the Nonbeliever

    Between Reddit and Facebook, I’m finding myself reading a lot of complaints and memes from atheists lately. And every time I do, I have one of three reactions: 1. Not ALL Christians believe that – stop generalizing. 2. I love science too, but I still have faith. 3. Stop prooftexting. We get it – the… Continue reading

  • Lament

    So many things I wonder…  I wonder about Union Theological – here’s a link to the tour video; it’s in the first few seconds that I saw in living color the sanctuary I have imagined in decades of dreams and meditations (although on second look, I see this one is enclosed with glass whereas my… Continue reading

  • Does My Choice Matter?

    I spent a lot of time last night thinking about my questions on Jesus’ divinity, my problems with The Fall, but mostly my sense that the world demands you make a choice. If I go with the Trinitarians, that feels… not in line with what seems right to me, and it certainly takes me away from… Continue reading

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